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Getting Grounded
moon salutations
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moon salutations
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Getting Grounded

Monday. The start of the week for most of us. The start. So why is it we feel so overwhelmed when it is just beginning? Maybe because the weekend was so fun. Maybe we don't like our job. Maybe we just haven't shifted gears. Maybe it's because the alarm was incredibly loud and rude this morning... whatever the reason, we can make our day, and our week, better.
Grounding is a wonderful way to help our mind, body, and spirit focus on the present. Start your Monday, and every other day, with a simple tadasana pose. First, turn off the TV!  Stand with your feet in line over  your hips, spine long, shoulders down, arms and hands reaching towards the floor. Head reaching towards the ceiling. Breathe.
Feel your feet, all four corners, on the floor.
Engage your core.
This is a dynamic pose so you should be feeling the strength.
Focus on your feet engaging the floor, your muscles engaged, your breath flowing freely, fully inhaing and exhaling. Enjoy the stillness and quiet strength of this pose.
Take the stillness and quietness with you for the rest of the day.
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